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TCAD xp for VCL(2010.5)
If your project requires or you wish to add CAD-Drawing funtionality into your application, programming these OLE concepts is a difficult and tedious task. Your project will take more time. Now, you can use TCAD to assist you in writting your applications.

TCAD xp for VCL supports C++ Builder 5,6,2006; Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006,2007. it can tailored to your various needs.
Release date:2010-10-13 103 downloads
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Database Extensions Suite(2.12)
Database Extensions Suite is a component library desinged to enhance database related functionality provided by Borland Delphi/BCB VCL library. It combines some generic imporvements as well as improvements pertaining to specific implementations (currently: DBISAM Database Engine by Elevate Software & NexusDB Database Engine by Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd.) of base VCL classes designed for navigational database access.
Release date:2006-12-20 2 downloads
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Context Scripting Suite(1.20)
Context Scripting Suite is a component library desinged to compile and execute scripts using TCtxScript component.
Release date:2006-12-20 0 downloads
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HierCube library for VCL(4.49)
HierCube library supports all types of hierarchical dimensions possible in Data Warehouses. It's possible to combine several flat dimensions into single hierarchical one (support of "snowflake" schema). Also you can define a hierarchical dimension using "Parent-Child" relation in the dimension table. At this time the library is the only "desktop" product supporting "snowflake" schema.
Release date:2007-08-02 2 downloads
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RadarCube.VCL for MS AS(1.10)
The RadarCube OLAP Library provides the VCL programmers with a unique chance to create OLAP clients to MS Analysis 2000 or 2005 using the set of VCL components. The Library is based on 100% VCL-compatible code and greatly exceeds the functionality of the PivotTable and PivotChart ActiveX components being a part of the Office Web Components set.
Release date:2008-05-28 2 downloads
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