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TCAD xp for .NET(xp.i.4)
If your projects requires or you wish to add CAD-Drawing funtionality into your application, programming these OLE concepts is a difficult and tedious task. Your project will take more time. Now, you can use TCAD to assist you in writting your applications.
Release date:2009-03-18 31 downloads
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DBISAM ADO.Net Provider(2.2.0)
DBISAM ADO.Net Provider is a data provider designed to communicate with DBISAM Database Server by Elevate Software from an application or ASP.Net page written for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is based on ActiveX Data Objects for the .NET Framework (ADO.NET) technology.
Release date:2006-12-20 23 downloads
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ContourCube is a high-performance OLAP component for interactive reporting and data analysis. It offers embeddable OLAP technology for all Windows and web applications based on relational data. User can interact with data: slice and dice, drill down and roll up, pivot with sub-second response times and without additional server.ContourCube .Net - For Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2005 developers.
Release date:2009-07-16 10 downloads
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RadarCube ASP.NET for MS AS(1.40.0)
The RadarCube OLAP Library provides the ASP.NET programmers with a unique chance to supply your web site with the MS Analysis 2000 or 2005 OLAP client abilities using the set of web controls. The Library is entirely authored in C# 2.0 and greatly exceeds the functionality of the PivotTable and PivotChart ActiveX components being a part of the Office Web Components set.
Release date:2008-07-23 1 downloads
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RapidSpell Desktop .NET(4.6.0)
RapidSpell Desktop .NET allows you to add spell checking value to any textual application (email, word processor etc) with a couple of lines of code. RapidSpell Desktop can also be used in non GUI contexts using it's spell checking API. Written for .NET in C#, RapidSpell uses combined and separate 140,000 word U.S. & U.K. dictionaries (and user dictionary), multi-threaded GUI and a powerful suggestion engine. Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Medical Dictionaries available.
Release date:2009-12-01 5 downloads
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