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FaxMan SDK(
FaxMan allows you to seamlessly embed fax support into your Windows applications. The FaxMan SDKs server based architecture provides complete fax job logging, support for multiple simultaneous modems and features like fax priorities and device queues. You provide the user interface, if any, and we provide all the low level fax support.
Release date:2008-01-29 7 downloads
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FaxMan Jr(2.00)
Sending a fax using FaxMan Jr is as easy as setting a couple of properties defining the fax # to send to and the fax file(s) to be sent and calling the Send method. Once sending ,your application will receive realtime status events so it can track the fax and its completion status. Receiving a fax is as easy as calling the Receive method and waiting for a fax call to come in.
Release date:2008-01-29 2 downloads
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