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THBTwain AddOn(5.0)
Easily integrate TWAIN image acquisition from any TWAIN scanner or digital camera into your applications.There is no additional knowledge about TWAIN state transition logic necessary, nor do you need to know anything about message loops. Just write a few lines of code and your application shows up the first acquired page.
Release date:2007-04-11 3 downloads
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ImageMan.Net Twain(2.20)
The ImageMan.Net Twain® toolkit is a set of 100% Managed .Net WinForms controls and classes for building applications capable of scanning and acquiring images from Twain compatible cameras and scanners. These lightweight managed controls allow applications to fully control Twain compliant scanners and cameras and returns image data as a.Net Bitmap object allowing it to be easily integrated into your applications.
Release date:2008-01-29 0 downloads
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