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Chart FX 7 by Software FX, Inc. leverages the numerous enhancements to Visual Studio and ASP.NET 2.0 to provide developers unprecedented data visualization capabilities. Building from an already impressive feature set, this latest incarnation of Chart FX offers unmatched IDE integration and innovative features that will set new standards in charting component technology.

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Chart FX (Windows Forms) + 1 Year Priority Support


Chart FX (Windows Forms)


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Smart Tag Wizards

The Chart FX 7 Smart Tag Wizard does not display modal dialogs which alienate the development experience; all steps are presented within the smart tag itself adhering to Visual Studio standards and providing a familiar, powerful interface.

Data Wizard

Chart FX 7 encapsulates a full Data Wizard that allows a developer to map fields in a database or business object to a chart and instruct Chart FX how to process and use this information.

New Powerful API

The Chart FX 7 API was created with the Visual Studio object model in mind. Now it will be easier to access complex functionality and quicker to integrate into your C# or VB.NET applications as objects and classes are more recognizable and easier to code.

DHTML/AJAX Rendering Engine

Chart FX 7 takes advantage of Visual Studio’s out of band callbacks capability and combines it with a powerful DHTML engine to produce chart images that allow fully secure interactivity and support state in web applications.

Redesigned User Interface (UI)

Chart FX 7 provides a richer user interface that seamlessly integrates into your Smart Client and ASP.NET applications. Toolbars and other UI appear on demand at an end user's request while still maintaining a clean and elegant display.

Default Chart Settings

The Chart FX 7 default chart has been optimized according to the platform for which you are writing. Visual attributes, such as gradients, color palettes, toolbars and legends will be customized automatically based on the chart size and platform selection.


Our custom installer takes advantage of the Visual Studio automation model to setup your development environment and allow you to quickly integrate charts.

Support for Visual Studio Themes

Chart FX 7 is compatible with the Visual Studio Themes. Any changes that you make to a Theme are extended to all Chart FX controls on the page.

Chart FX Extension Manager

Chart FX 7 standardizes our extensibility infrastructure which allows Chart FX to adapt quickly and effectively to verticals like real-time, financial, statistical, maps and OLAP, among others.

Redesigned Resource Center

Whether you are just starting with Chart FX 7 or you are an experienced Chart FX developer, the Resource Center will provide a wealth of documentation and samples that will help you attain the most benefit from Chart FX in Visual Studio.

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