Codejock Xtreme SuitePro (13.2.1)

Product Type:ActiveX / COM Function Type:Product Suites Develop Language:Visual Basic 6.0,.NET2003/2005/2008

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Xtreme SuitePro combines our most popular ActiveX COM components, Xtreme Calendar, Xtreme CommandBars, Xtreme Controls, Xtreme DockingPane, Xtreme PropertyGrid, Xtreme ReportControl, Xtreme ShortcutBar, Xtreme Syntax Edit, Xtreme SkinFramework and Xtreme TaskPanel into one easy to use package.

Current Release on 2008-08-29    28 people download

Pricing & Licensing


license with 30 days maint subscription
1 Developer License


License Plus 1 Year Support and Product Maintenance
1 Developer License


Included Products
Each of the products listed are included with Xtreme Suite Professional Edition.

Xtreme CommandBars
Xtreme CommandBars provides Windows developers with comprehensive, fully customizable menus and toolbars.

Xtreme CalendarPro
Xtreme CalendarPro provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Outlook 2003 style calendar and date selection components.

Xtreme Controls
Xtreme Controls provides Windows GUI software engineers with several ready-to-use components that have been thoroughly designed and tested.

Xtreme DockingPane
Xtreme DockingPane provides comprehensive, fully customizable docking panes giving your application a professional and modern interface.

Xtreme PropertyGrid
Xtreme PropertyGrid provides Windows developers with a comprehensive, fully customizable property grid giving your application a professional and modern interface.

Xtreme ReportControl
Xtreme ReportControl provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Outlook 2003 style Reporting grid component.

Xtreme ShortcutBar
Xtreme ShortcutBar provides Windows developers with a Shortcut Bar navigation panel similar to the navigation panel seen in Microsoft Outlook 2003.

Xtreme SkinFramework
Xtreme SkinFramework provides Windows developers with a highly sophisticated application skinning framework technology that was developed with Windows Themes (Visual Styles) in mind.

Xtreme TaskPanel
Xtreme TaskPanel provides Windows developers with an Office style Task Panel similar to what is seen in Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer.

Evals & Downloads

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All Versions of Visual Studio(28.72 MB)。This evaluation can be used with Visual Studio 5.0, 6.0, .NET 2002, .NET 2003, .NET 2005 and Visual Studio .NET 2008. Unicode versions of the OCX files are currently not provided with the evaluation version.

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