ApexSQL Universal Studio (2009)

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ApexSQL Universal Studio by ApexSQL is the worlds most powerful suite of SQL Tools and includes tools for Editing/IDE, to Comparison/sync, Scripting, Auditing, Reporting, Documentation, Dependency Analysis, Code Generation and more. The value of ApexSQL Universal Studio is in the large 80% discount, free new tools for next 12 months, strong product forecast and simple and inexpensive annual subscription model.

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3 yr Maintenance,1 License


The tools in ApexSQL Universal Studio include:

ApexSQL Audit
Active data auditing for SQL Server. Includes multiple modules for reporting, data management, trigger management and more. Included with ApexSQL Universal Studio is a free 10-license Pack of ApexSQL Audit Viewer.

ApexSQL Clean
Search and Destroy for unreferenced SQL Objects in both the database and client code. Includes powerful visual dependency viewer.

ApexSQL Data Diff
Compare data in your SQL Databases and backups. Includes Command Line Interface.

ApexSQL Diff
Compare and Synchronize Databases. Includes Command Line Interface.

ApexSQL Doc
Powerful Database documentation (.chm and .html).

ApexSQL Edit
The Ultimate Editor/IDE for SQL Server. Includes powerful snippets, object browser, intelliprompt and more.

ApexSQL Enforce
Enforce SQL Server Database Standards and Best Practices.

ApexSQL Log
A general purpose log auditing (trigger free) and recovery tool. Supports SQL 2005.

ApexSQL Recover
Powerful recovery tool that's a spin-off of the recovery components of ApexSQL Log 2005.

ApexSQL Script
Convert Database Structures and Data into scripts, exe's, packages etc for versioning, deployment and more.

ApexSQL SSIS Compare
Compare SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.

ApexSQL Diff API
A programmable API that allows you to use ApexSQL Diff's comparison and synchronization engine in your own applications.

A programmable API that adds transaction log auditing capabilities to your own applications.

ApexSQL Debug
Debug and profile stored procedures.

ApexSQL Refactor
Format SQL Code

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